Shuttle Service

The Volo Libero Bergamo club offers all pilots a shuttle service departing from the landing car park.

Routes and Prices

- 6 euro for club members

- 7 euro for non-members

- 10 euro for club members

-  12 euro for non-members

Minimum price

For Pratino the minimum price is €18, for Linzone the minimum ascent cost is €30, depending on the number of pilots present for the ride. So for:

- 1 pilot only: €18 Pratino, €30 Linzone

- 2 pilots: €9 Pratino, €15 Linzone (each)

- 3 or more riders €6/7 Pratino, €10/12 Linzone (each) as described above.

Maximum capacity 8 pilots.

WhatsApp Group for Booking

Access the WhatsApp group by clicking on this link - you can request a new shuttle or add yourself to one by copying the message and pasting it adding your name.