Tandem Flight

Come to try it or gift the experience!

Paragliding in tandem is certainly the simplest and most pleasant way to experience the thrill of flying. In the company of the instructor pilot you will be able to enjoy the 360 ​​degree breathtaking view of the valley!

The first paragliding flight is exciting, and the moment your feet leave the ground you realize there is no way to put it into words! Even though you might be extremely thrilled and excited,, the experience of flying is calm and relaxing: once in flight you will be comfortably seated in the harness with only the rustle of the wind in your ears and the instructor to keep you company.

Tandem flights take place every day.

To book a flight with an instructor, call: NOEMI GHEZZI - 3471232947

Or send us an mail: info@vololiberobergamo.it

Participating is very simple, you just need a lot of enthusiasm! 

No particular physical ability is required, you just need to be in good health for the small hike that leads to take-off.

For minors, parental consent is required.


Dress comfortably with trekking shoes and bring an extra jacket to be prepared for the colder temperatures at altitude. A pair of sunglasses is also strongly recommended.

The appointment is in Palazzago, at the landing site, to go up to the take-off of the "pratino" (difference in altitude approximately 700 metres) by car or shuttle.

From the car park to the take-off there will be a bit of walking, about 20 minutes, and a short briefing to explain how the take-off takes place, trying together a couple of times the jog necessary to take off from the slope in complete safety.

In flights!

The passenger sits in front of the instructor and after take-off he or she can try to fly the paraglider by taking the controls for a few minutes, or simply enjoy the show and photograph the view.

The GoPro and selfie stick are provided by the instructor, so you can keep the video and souvenir photos and relive the flight at home whenever you want!

The flight can last up to 30 minutes, if weather conditions permit.