Where to find us

The meeting point of the club and the school is at our landing in Palazzago, in via Cà Morino.


Via Cà Morino, Almenno San Bartolomeo, 24030, BG 

The landing site


Very wide and comfortable landing even for beginners. At the entrance to the field there is a noticeboard with directions for landing safely

 It is actually located in the territory of Almenno San Bartolomeo, although it is known to our pilots as Palazzago landing.

The take-off sites

Take-off "Pratino"

The take-off most used by students and pilots of the club is the "pratino", a grassy slope facing south/south-east, at 1050m above sea level and 720m from landing.

Access: can be reached on foot from the parking lot of the Roncola cemetery, with a 20-minute path of approximately 150 meters in altitude.

Prevailing winds: South / South-East / South-West

The landing is always visible and it is a safe flight even in zero thermal conditions.

Take-off Linzone

Still in the Palazzago area, another widely used take-off is that of Mount Linzone, also suitable for pilots and beginners, a large slope at 1390m above sea level also exposed to the South / South-East / South-West.

Access: easy path from the Valcava pass


At the entrance to the Brembana valley, above the town of Zogno, in the Sant'Antonio Abbandonato area, at an altitude of 987m.

As a first flight it is advisable to be accompanied by a local pilot, the landing is not visible from take-off.

South facing and not suitable for beginners.

Access: the take-off is located behind the church of the aforementioned hamlet

Take-off Roncola

Also called Delta take-off due to the steep slope, it is recommended for expert pilots due to its small size. We start at an altitude of 920m.

Southern exposure with dominant South / South-East / South-West wind

Access: from Roncola town, behind the "Il Botto" restaurant.